Worry Is Like A Weed

“Worry is like a weed, we can’t just trim it or break off the top.  We have to get it out by the root.”

The simple definition of a weed is any plant that comes up where we don’t want it.

Dandelions are a prolific leafy weed. When the seed head is ready, it releases the pappus with significant wind dispersion. The culture and media constantly present a big puff of worries and broadcasts, blows them everywhere.

Thistles are invasive, noxious weeds take over entire fields and render the land useless to native wildlife and plants. They are characterized by leaves with sharp prickles on the margins or all over the plant. Some worries are like sharp prickles that irritate and annoy us. Some worries take over our peace and render our effectiveness useless.

Crabgrass steals valuable nutrients and moisture from your lawn, making it difficult for other grasses to grow. As a weed that germinates in the spring and dies off in the fall, crabgrass is also known for having a higher stalk space that creates a perfect haven for pests. Some worries steal valuable time, attention, resources and energy and make it difficult for our good traits to grow. Some worries create a perfect haven for pests.

Dollarweed causes issues because there is too much water in your lawn. This weed uses both seeds and underground roots to spread. Some worries are unwarranted because of our plenty. Be thankful. Some worries invade us double, from above and below.

Vetch spreads over other vegetation, smothering it. These plants usually don’t cause problems in healthy native prairies. Vetch can be problematic in prairie restoration sites or other disturbed areas. Some worries spread over other areas of our influence, smothering it. Some worries further provoke already disturbed situations. Some worries would not have any power over our thoughts if we maintained a healthy, positive, authentic attitude.

The simple definition of worry is any thought with feelings of uneasiness, torment, anxiety, plague, impending doom and trouble.

Weed control requires constant vigilance. Worry control requires constant vigilance. Weeds are always going to keep coming up in our gardens. Worries are always going to keep coming up in our situations. Both have to be intentionally managed. Weeds are invasive in our gardens. Worries are invasive in our mentality. We cannot just trim weeds or break off the tops, we have to get it out by the root. We cannot just trim or break off the tops of our worries, we have to get it out by the root.

Bloom where you are planted!

Bitsey Crismon, President, The Woodlands Garden Club

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