Photo Gallery 9/21/2021

Autumn inspired decor by Betty Lahiri.

Meet the officers: from left to right Sabrina Crooke, Treasurer; Bitsey Crismon, President; Katherine Plenger, Vice President; and Sharon Podolski, Secretary. Bitsey presented “Art of the Garden,” the theme for 2021-22.

The agenda included field trips and a plant study about Billbergia bromeliads.

Sharon signed up volunteers for the Arts, Crafts and Plant Sale fundraiser at The Woodlands Wildflower Festival on November 6, and offered a members only pre-sale of milkweed plants, aloe vera, and beautiful pumpkins by Betty. Check your email for more arts & crafts meetings in the next few weeks.

The hostesses prepared and served a delicious luncheon and we celebrated the summer and September birthdays with cute cupcakes.

The meeting concluded with a drawing for many beautiful items and plants.

Since our postponed meeting coincided with the monthly floral group meeting, several members stayed on to make beautiful arrangements for hospice patients in The Woodlands.

Photos by Detlev and Viviane

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