Photo Gallery 2/9/2021

We’re happy to have in-person meetings and for now temperature checks, mask wearing, hand sanitizers, social distancing, and limited attendance remain in effect.

The setup crew came early and prepared a fabulous room setting and table decorations.

We voted in the new slate of officers for 2021-22, found out about kokedama moss balls, signed up for shifts at the plant sale, learned about geraniums in the plant study, and participated in a drawing for delightful prizes.

Board members and hostesses prepared a delicious luncheon.

Once again Tony Huffman’s presentation was an “event” of floral arrangements, poetry, and music. Asked where he gets inspiration for his designs he explained he always carries a sketch book and looks to nature, art, and music to come up with fresh ideas. Valentine being the theme of our meeting, he shared the song “Nothing In The World (Can Make Me Love You More)” by Diane Schuur. The lyrics are about Aladdin’s lamp, a magic clock, and a magic wand. See for yourself!

Nobody went home empty handed. Betty prepared swag bags and we got to choose one of her fabulous table decorations as well.

We look forward to seeing you next month!

Photos by Detlev, Viviane.

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