Floral Arranging with St Anthony of Padua Students for Earth Day

When Kelly Sturgeon, the middle school science teacher for 6th to 8th grade students at St Anthony of Padua Catholic School, asked if we would be interested in teaching a floral arranging lesson for their Earth Day celebration, The Woodlands Garden Club Board embraced the opportunity. Kelly found out about TWGC Floral Group on this site and wanted her students to learn about our hospice program.

Floral Designer Betty Lahiri agreed to lead the team and we had an enthusiastic response from our club members. 140 Students learned about Earth Day and the importance of recycling and reusing, the artistry of floral design, and hospice care. To say the day was a success is an understatement. Kelly has already asked us to “do it again next year!”

Flower prep at Sharon’s House:

St Anthony of Padua room set up:

Making the arrangements:

Representatives from Bristol Hospice talked about how the monthly floral arrangements benefited their patients; TWGC Floral Group Chair Sherry Copeland explained the history of the program; and students learned about reusing and recycling the vases as part of the Earth Day celebration.

Beautiful arrangements:

Fun with flowers:

Ready for delivery to the hospice agencies:

Thank you students for your enthusiasm and making the most beautiful floral arrangements! We loved working with you. Thank you also to Ms Kelly Sturgeon for organizing such a meaningful program.

Gratitude to the extraordinary team of TWGC volunteers: Betty Lahiri, Sharon Podolski, Mary Barnes, Sherry Copeland, Sally Centrich, Katherine Plenger, Vilma Lopez, Bitsey Crismon, Ann Young, Sabrina Crooke, Mary Steelman, Elizabeth Ruediger, Maxine Wells, Marie Holguin, Donna Marie Thornton, Edie Apiscopa and Viviane Tondeur.

Friday, April 28, 2023

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