Photo Gallery 1/12/2021

New Year, New Garden!

Inspired by Betty’s beautiful decorations members shared garden planning tips for the new year, learned about invasive plants, and our monthly drawing made a welcome return.

Sherry invited club members to hospice floral group on Jan 19th and will share a gift from one of the grateful recipients. Mary collected food for Interfaith, pet supplies for the animal shelter, and toiletries for the woman’s shelter. She shared her appreciation for the more than 70 gift bags donated to the woman’s shelter for Christmas. Our most generous year ever! Thanks to all who contributed. Kathy gave a nice shout out to the wonderful hostesses who prepared our luncheon.

Becky presented a plant study on Aglaonema, a tropical houseplant. Sharon announced a tentative date (March 20th) for the spring plant sale, our annual fundraiser, and gave us some ideas on how to attract attention by adding decorations to your plants.

Thanks to Debbie for arranging a very informative program with Teri MacArthur, the Environmental Education Specialist of The Woodlands Township, speaking about invasive species and the volunteer task force. Invasives like air potato vines and elephant ears can overgrow and become a threat to native trees and plants. Not all that’s green and pretty in The Woodlands is good! Biggest offenders: Air Potato Vine, Japanese Climbing Fern, Chinese/Japanese Privet, Japanese Honeysuckle, Elephant Ears, Nandina/Heavenly Bamboo, Deep Rooted Sedge, and Water Hyacinth. Good to know: non-native plants are “invasive” but vigorous native plants are “aggressive” (think poison ivy).

See you next month!

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