Board and Committee Members

Executive Board

Bitsey Crismon, President

Katherine Plenger, Vice President

Sharon Podolski, Treasurer

Mauri Holguin, Secretary

Betty Lahiri, Parliamentarian


Annual Membership Handbook/Directory — Sharon Podolski
Awards — Sally Centrich
Community Service — Mary Barnes, Sally Centrich
Field Trips — Donna Marie Thornton

Historian — Bitsey Crismon, Sabrina Crooke
Horticulture — Cathy Neill, Viviane Tondeur
Hospice Floral Group — Sherry Copeland, Sally Centrich, Jo Herst
Hospitality — Kathy Kern, Betty Lahiri
Library — Sharon Podolski
Membership — Sally Centrich, Cathy Neill
Meeting Programs — Katherine Plenger
Member Communications — Kathy Kern
Member Welfare — Vickie Shenk
Publicity, Social Media and Website — Viviane Tondeur
Ways and Means — Sharon Podolski

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