Photo Gallery 11/9/2021

Great turnout with members sharing gardening stories, plant and seed giveaways, and updates about our club’s holiday luncheon, and the Houston Federation of Garden Club’s Christmas gala.

Thanksgiving inspired room decor by Betty.

Our hostesses prepared a fabulous luncheon and members enjoyed the delicious food and great conversation.

Diane presented plant studies about the stunning Candlestick plant, and a “Vicks” succulent (yes, it really smells like Vicks).

Mary distributed the bags to fill for the women’s shelter Christmas gifts. Sharon thanked all the volunteers and crafters who made the fundraiser at the Wildflower Festival a tremendous success, and Betty organized a food drive for the Shenandoah Municipal Complex who graciously host our meetings.

Scheduled speaker Linda Gay had to cancel due to health but licensed Soil Scientist and Environmental Educator John Ferguson presented tips on how to amend the Gulf Coast region poor soil with organic components to get a healthy structure. A good start is mixing three inches of compost into six inches of topsoil for immediate improvement.

The meeting concluded with a fun drawing, and plant and seed giveaways: heirloom basil seeds, Mother of Thousands kalanchoe succulents, ajuga ground cover, and cuban oregano.

See you at the Christmas luncheon!

Thanks to Detlev for the pictures.

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