Houston Federation of Garden Clubs “Winterlight Gala”

With the talented Betty Lahiri as our mentor, TWGC’s Floral and Arts & Crafts Groups created the stunning decorations that transformed the hall into a festive venue for HFGC’s annual fundraiser.

On Tuesday Sharon’s house was prep headquarters: 150 “top hat” party favors, wrapping silverware, last touches on hall and table decor.

On Thursday our volunteers decked the hall with boughs of holly, arranged the tables with stunning centerpieces and place settings, and put colorful bows on the chairs! Betty explained she designed the “top hat” party favors because TWGC is TOP HAT!

Says TWGC President Bitsey Crismon: “I am so proud of our Woodlands Garden Club for the work done at the Federation Christmas Gala. We had great responsibility this year with conducting the Silent Auction, 50/50 split drawing, graphic design of programs, correspondence and forms and the decorations for the entire hall. The early planning stage, the table centerpiece and top hat party favors being assembled, the set up and take down…. A huge thank you and great job to everyone who participated. And the hugest of thank you—great job—accolades— to Betty Lahiri! We know what a talent she is, it is her gift and she generously shares it. Betty has made us proud! She has taught us and rallied us to work with her. When I was across the room at the 50/50 table, I heard the candid comments by the Federation members saying this year was by far the most beautiful decorations they ever had. Tony Huffman told the entire banquet hall he has worked events all over the country and The Woodlands Garden Club is the best, better than any professional event company to work with”.

Bitsey, a gifted graphic designer, made the beautiful programs, place cards and auction forms.

It was a lot of work, but no one could have done a better job. We’re privileged to have so many talented members in our garden club!

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