TWGC Fall Plant Sale is October 15

It’s time to start thinking about dividing your favorite perennials! A little bird, actually Sharon Podolski, told me the annual Fall Plant & Crafts Sale at The Woodlands Farmer’s Market will be on Saturday, October 15th. Get creative to make an eye-catching display in our booth and share your ideas at the meeting in September.

It’s best to get perennial divisions from your gardens potted up early, so they look good on the day of the sale. Be sure to water your transplants and keep them out of full sun – especially important in our current weather conditions. These callisia fragrans babies will be heading to the market!

Put together creative containers with mixed herbs, or a salsa garden container. Include your favorite salsa recipe with suggestions of which plants to buy.

We ask each member to donate 10 well-rooted plants and we’ll have a few craft meetings to work on fun projects for the sale. The proceeds are used to fund our education programs and community projects.

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