Gardeners Will Prevail

A letter from our President Betty Lahiri

The Woodlander photo shoot about container gardening starring Betty Lahiri

Dear Fellow Gardeners,

It has been a while since we met – a lot has happened. I hope all is well with each of you and your family. I have missed each of you – now we must move forward!

I recently had a meeting at Shenandoah! We did not have to wear masks or social distance! We each have our own beliefs on this. We must be safe. My belief if you are at risk don’t go to places that you do not feel safe. I have talked to several board members about this. We will suggest a time line that sends out a suggestion on what we feel is appropriate! Suggestions will be appreciated but lets look at the total picture.

Our lives must go on! I am out of town but when I come back we will start planning for our new year. As far as refreshments go we will address that!

Our fellow gardeners birthdays we missed are:

April – Cathy Neil, Elizabeth Ruediger, Helen Schindler, Peggy Wright, Cynthia Penn, Maria Holguin, Joan Bessman

May – Amalia Bruce, Sabrina Cooke, Marilyn O’Connor, Sharon Podolski, Sally Staff, Ann Stanton, Micala Patschke

*June – Mitchell Fruitstone, Becky Patin, Connie Tibbets, Edith White, Cynthia Kliewer, Dorothy Lee, Kiki Walther, Pamela Stephenson,

If I missed your birthday I am sorry!

We are going to have a fun year. We will not let this mess stop us!

Gardeners will prevail
Betty Lahiri

*added by Viviane

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