Fun Fundraiser

Our garden club has had fun before with a tomato knife fundraiser, and we are doing it again, to raise the necessary funds to operate the club in the Fall when we meet again.

The tomato knives are so sharp and handy in the kitchen —– you will love them, and so will your friends. MADE IN THE USA, they are excellent gifts for Father’s Day, and friends and family members. Tuck some away for birthday gifts and stocking stuffers. They are $10.00 each… and they are great for cucumbers too!

Marsha is in charge of this activity and needs to take orders NOW for as many knives as you would like. Reply here or to and we’ll give you the details for payment and pick up. Let’s make this a successful fundraiser!

Hope your gardens are looking beautiful and you are getting them ready for the summer heat to come! So many things are blooming now, and I hope they are bringing you much joy.

Happy Summer!

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