A Pocket Prairie in Panther Creek

Due to a water leak in November my lawn was destroyed but instead of resodding I decided to create a pocket prairie with the seeds from the Wildflower Festival. I started with laying out landscape timber in an irregular shape and covering the area with cardboard. I added a layer of leaf & pine needle mulch from my garden and topped it with planting soil mixed with purchased top soil and homemade compost. The stakes are Weathershield 2×2’s. I screwed in hooks to loop the rope and finished with caps I had left over from another project.

I planted the wildflower seeds somewhat according to height but a rain storm pushed everything to the sides. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Bluebonnets put on a show in early April, followed by poppies, cosmos, baby’s breath, catchfly, Johnny Jump Up, cornflower, lemon mint, primrose, alyssum, coreopsis, rocket larkspur, black eyed Susan, and baby blue eyes. Can’t wait for the next batch to put out flowers! Neighbors walking by are stopping to take pictures, and the kids get a kick out of seeing the bees covered in pollen.

In mid-April a member of the Native Plant Society -Houston Chapter had a seedling giveaway and I picked up Mexican Hat – our club flower, beebalm, a native hibiscus variety, a pincushion variety, and standing cypress (for a soggy area in the backyard). Pictures of blooms will follow… by Viviane Tondeur, The Woodlands Garden Club, Chair Publicity/Club Historian

We would like to hear about your garden projects as well. Contact us here or email your story with pictures to thewoodlandsgardenclub@gmail.com

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