Happy Easter

Easter Decorations by Betty Lahiri

Dear Garden Club Member,
Our recent sunshine and warm weather has prompted many, not just members of the garden club, to get outside and create a space for gardening. While we have to “safe distance” and stay at home, we can be out in our gardens or on our patios . So many more people are turning to gardening for something to do, and there have even been some comparisons made between Victory Gardens and today’s trend. People are finding out what we already know!
We have reached out to some of you by phone, but we want to know how you are doing. While we are not meeting this month, and the May meeting is on hold, we can still keep in touch. How are you doing? Have you been gardening? Starting a new project? We would like to hear from you.

Stay safe. Keep gardening.
Happy Easter, Happy Spring!
Cynthia and Sabrina, Membership Committee

Happy Easter to all my fellow members!
I hope this picture will brighten your day! We cannot be with our loved ones and even go to our place of worship this holiday. But, this virus will pass and our gardens will be full.
I urge everyone to practice safety.
We are planning on a meeting again in June. Can’t wait to see you all then.
God bless.
Betty Lahiri

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