Waltz Across Texas Field Trip

Through a floral interpretation of yesteryear, The Bluebonnet Garden Club presented “Waltz Across Texas” at the historic Giddings Stone Mansion in Brenham. We loved the flower arrangements and the beautiful Greek Revival Style building. Completed in 1870, it was the first house in Washington County TX to get indoor plumbing and electricity.

After exploring downtown Brenham, Donna Marie set up a delicious luncheon at the famous “Must Be Heaven” restaurant, a favorite of The Woodlands Garden Club and all of Texas. The name is derived from a 1970’s Blue Bell advertisement which answers the question as to why their ice cream tastes so good! The answer is…”because the cows think Brenham must be heaven.”

And for dessert we went to… you guessed it… Blue Bell!

Thanks to Detlev and Sally for the pictures, and Donna Marie for arranging another fabulous outing.

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