The Woodlands Garden Club Presents A Kokedama Workshop

Kokedama, translated “moss ball,” is a Japanese form of garden art. Simple yet elegant, it’s made by wrapping a plant’s roots with soil, sheet moss and string, rather than planting in the ground or a container. By drawing attention to the shape of flowers and foliage, especially in contrast to the smooth, round moss-covered ball, kokedama creates a striking focal point. Set them on trays, small stands or hang them from rafters or ceilings.

We start with combining Akadama, a special clay soil, with spaghnum peat moss and water to form the ball.

Participants brought their own plants and carefully removed soil from the roots before inserting in the kokedama ball.

Next the kokedama gets wrapped in sheet moss.

For the final step you wind string around the kokedama to secure the moss in place.

Thank you Neethi for taking the pictures!

Raksha and her granddaughter Neethi

Thanks to Sharon for hosting the workshop and a delicious luncheon!

Please contact us here if you would like step-by-step instructions to make kokedama including care tips. We had so much fun we’re ready to do it again for those who could not attend this time. Viviane will pass around a sign up sheet at the September 14 meeting.

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