A Sunflower Field Is Like A Sky With A Thousand Suns

The National Garden Bureau has designated 2021 as the Year of the Sunflower and Donna Marie organized a fun trip to the fields along FM 159 including a visit to Navasota and lunch at Martha’s Bloomers.

Although popular culture has embraced the myth that sunflowers always follow the sun, this is inaccurate. Only young flowers “move” to face it throughout the day. Once they reach maturity, they stop sun-tracking (heliotropism) — their blooms forever turned eastward but don’t worry, this process does not harm them.  

Quiet and charming, the small town of Navasota is worth exploring and soaking up some history. In addition to its ties to the railroad (including the famed Union Pacific Railroad), Navasota is known as the “Blues Capital of Texas” in honor of Mance Lipscomb, who called Navasota home. We strolled along Washington Avenue and Railroad Street to see the interesting buildings and gorgeous Victorians.

We enjoyed a delicious luncheon at Martha’s Bloomers, a garden center, cafe and home of the world’s largest teapot, where we were greeted with a complimentary cup of their signature orange spice tea and scones.

And then it was time for shopping! Plants make people happy!

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1 thought on “A Sunflower Field Is Like A Sky With A Thousand Suns

  1. We at National Garden Bureau love sunflowers. Thanks for mentioning us in your article.


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