Win/Win Plant Sale at Farmers Market

From: Sharon Podolski, Chair TWGC Ways & Means Committee

I had a nice, long nap after I got home and unloaded the car and Joe’s truck this afternoon. What a wonderful day we had at The Woodlands Farmers Market!!! Weather couldn’t have been better, and we experienced a great flow of customers.

Laura, who runs the market, came over around 11am to tell us how much our presence was adding to the market. The other vendors were enjoying the new people our booth was producing. Apparently, many old customers have been waiting for us for a very long time. I think Laura and the vendors would like us to show up more often…

I want to thank everyone who participated setting up, tearing down, selling plants and our other wares, chatting with customers, and sharing gardening information.

I don’t have a final tally of our sales, but I’m sure Mary Barnes will produce a wonderful report. Mary always does a terrific job as our cashier and keeping impeccable records to help us with future sales. Thanks Mary.

Thanks to everyone who brought plants. The selection was amazing, many had identification and pertinent information. You are all such fine gardeners. I appreciate your skills and the way you help each other out. BEST CLUB EVER!!!

See you at the next meeting. Hugs, Sharon

From TWFM Committee – Jennifer Robinson and Laura Bennett
“We are so glad you selected our market for your fundraising activity and hope to see you again next year!”

Viviane’s note: thanks to the club members and the community at large for sharing the plant sale announcement on your social media.

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