Backyard Concert

Birds are very entertaining. Researchers have found that bird songs can be more relaxing than a meditation app, and birds are fun to watch because each species has different characteristics. Some travel in pairs, while some gather food to bring home to their babies. Some are aggressive at feeders, while others wait their turn. It’s like having a soap opera in your backyard. And some of the birds that make your yard their home also enjoy snacking on insects!

Transform you yard into a bird wonderland by providing the 3 essentials: food, water, and shelter. Here’s a look at some birds that visit The Woodlands backyards—either year-round or during migration.

Most birds have a wide repertoire of songs and calls, but there’s an important distinction between the two. Songs are used to defend territory and attract mates. Calls tend to be shorter and simpler—often just one syllable long. For example, the length of an alarm or warning call conveys different kinds of threats. Birds make contact calls to keep in touch with each other, often while they’re foraging for food.

Which birds have visited your yard?

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  1. I enjoyed reaading your post


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