TWGC Spring Plant Sale

Our biggest fundraiser of the year is the spring plant sale at The Woodlands Farmers Market in Grogan’s Mill. Proceeds from the sale are used to fund TWGC education programs and community service projects. Our garden club members donate plants from their gardens and participate in workshops to make crafts. From Emily Hoppel at the farmers market: “Thanks for coming out! We always love having you at the Market!”

The selection includes herbs, succulents, ornamental grasses, shade plants, blooming plants, annuals and perennials. Our knowledgeable gardeners answered tons of questions and gave growing tips. Insider tip: the plants are local and do well in our area.

Betty Lahiri donated beautiful Easter table centerpieces, and Mary Barnes’ tote bags are always a big success.

A big thank you to all our volunteers who helped with preparations, set up & take down. An enormous giga THANK YOU to Sharon Podolski, Chair Ways & Means Committee, for organizing another wildly successful event. Sharon is a co-founder of The Woodlands Garden Club (1994) and graciously hosts the boards meetings, arts & crafts workshops, and monthly Hospice Floral Group at her house. Take a load off, Sharon, you did it – again!

We appreciate our patrons and wish you a joyful Easter and happy gardening!

Photo credits: Mauri, Sally, Sabrina, Sharon & Detlev

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