March 20 Is Confirmed For Annual Plant Sale Fundraiser

FROM OUR GARDENS TO YOURS: The Woodlands Garden Club is asking members to donate 10 well-rooted plants from their garden for the sale at the Grogan’s Mill farmers market. We have many sized pots and potting soil available. Please label your plants with name, growing conditions, feeding, etc. We also need volunteers to help out at the sale. One reason our plant sales are so successful is that our members are on hand to give advice and answer questions from the customers! Another reason is that our plants are homegrown and customers know they will do well here.

Get creative to make an eye-catching display in our booth: herbs look nice in decorated tin cans, button sticks dress up pots, and macramé plant hangers add a visual and textural element… these are just some ideas. We’ll have a few craft meetings to work on these fun projects.

Proceeds of the plant sale go to the Club’s education programs and community projects. The sale is at The Woodlands Farmer’s Market, 7 Switchbud Place in Grogan’s Mill, on Saturday, March 20th from 9 am to 1 pm (or sell out). Sharon will pass around a sign up sheet for the volunteer shifts at the meeting on Tuesday. We will be adhering to Covid rules, and need a few more tables to spread out our display. You can bring your plants to the sale or drop them off in advance at Sharon’s house.

It’s not too early to share the news with your family, friends and neighbors. Savy gardeners know they will find the best plants at The Woodlands Garden Club plant sale!

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2 thoughts on “March 20 Is Confirmed For Annual Plant Sale Fundraiser

  1. Great job with the website Viviane!!! Thanks for keeping us all informed and connected. Sharon


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