Woodlands Garden Club Members Volunteer at 45th Arbor Day Tree Giveaway

One of The Woodlands longest standing traditions will look a bit different this year. The January 23rd event at the Sawdust Park and Ride at 701 Westridge Road will be a drive-through starting at 9 am until noon, or until all trees are given away.

The Woodlands Garden Club is in its 20th year of volunteering at this event. Our members will help to tag the trees and collect order forms. Contact Mary Barnes for more information and to let her know you are coming. Please note you need to arrive by 8 am and commit to the full duration of the event; there are no “shifts” this year. You will also need to sign up to volunteer with the township.

Upon entry of the event, residents will be handed an order form (see example) and a pen. The order form lists each variety of native seedling, the maximum number of seedlings allowed per vehicle and a space to request how many of each seedling you would like.

Whether planting your tree seedlings in open green space or in your own backyard, happy planting!

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