With A Little Help From The Grandkids

Sharon’s grandkids were visiting from Alabama in June and they were so excited to participate in nana’s garden club floral group. Lauren dove right in and made some beautiful arrangements.

Benny likes making towering arrangements and club president Betty gave him a brief lesson in making a balanced presentation. He listened closely… but still preferred to make the tall ones and Nana was so proud of her little man!

TWGC Floral Group meets once a month September through June to create small vases for local hospice organizations in The Woodlands. The floral arrangements are little pieces of nature brought indoors – a gift that brings beauty, peace and tranquility to the patients and their families, and an unmistakable feeling of love and caring.

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1 thought on “With A Little Help From The Grandkids

  1. Was very interesting to see the many floral designs the club makes for the hospice patients. And loved seeing Sharon’s grandbabies, and Kathy too.


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